Gender reveal cake is finished and that was more difficult than I expected. I think next time I will do cupcakes since I won’t have to do layers or try to cover such a large area. Thankfully my dad was visiting and entertained the wee-one for me. I really look forward to the reveal! What do you think, pink or blue?


I am making my first gender reveal cake for a close friend of mine! She is the “tell me now, I can’t wait a second longer,” kind of gal, but I told her to at least make it special by sharing the moment with her husband. She agreed to allowing me to make them a cake. She had her doctor call me directly and he shared the gender with me and only me! I feel like I might burst knowing this information!

I started baking right away and luckily had both colors of frosting already bought to make sure I was prepared! As the cakes cool in the fridge I will start frosting the two layers, top it with my special green topper and hand deliver the special treat tomorrow.

I will admit I cried after I got the news and I know I’ll probably bawl when I drop off the cake. I think I feel overwhelmed that my dear friend is having a baby and that she is allowing me to be part of this huge moment in her life. Fingers crossed it’s cuts perfectly and it taste good too!


I can officially say I have a toddler, an indecisive toddler.

She wanted cheese, so I got out a string cheese for her. She quickly started to cry. I asked what she wanted and she said cheese. So I showed her the cheese, which lead to tears. I offered her the block of cheese saying I could cut off some and she bawled. I picked her up, let her look in the fridge and guess what she pointed to? Cheese!

I offered her the string cheese again and she was pissed, she wanted the shredded cheese. I tried to explain to this little lady that they are both cheese but she only wanted shredded and politely signed please.

As a mother not trying to be committed, I obliged and put a handful of shredded cheese in her bowl, asked her to eat it outside in her chair and quickly the tears went away.

Wow. This has become the ongoing scene in our house this week. Just this morning she asked for banana and couldn’t believe I gave her a banana. Then asked for berries and barked at me giving her berries. Oh man this is intense and as my wise sister advised, take it hour by hour and it will get better.



Eva (1Y/14M).  Picking up floor mats, and chatting away.

Eva started pulling up the foam letters while watching this video - uh oh!

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Someone took a bite out of this.


Happy Father’s Day to my dad! You rock! hijoley


Eva has been my big helper with growing flowers in the front and our hard work is starting to show! I can’t wait to see them bloom and have a splash of color outside.


Daddy and Eva having too much fun washing their hands after dinner ❤️❤️❤️


Look at all those oranges coming in!! Wooo!