How does a girl get a romantic candle lit dinner? Well, start by having a county wide black out. Last week around 3:30pm all of San Diego County, plus Orange County went dark. Well…the lights went out when the sun was still up, but it allowed everyone to go home from work and figure out how to entertain ourselves without all our gadgets.

After driving side streets to avoid the freeway madness, I made it home safely. Ryan invited his friend over and we decided to BBQ. Since we didn’t have much in the fridge, due to us eating out ALL the time, we made chicken. We found some jerk marinade to season it with. We also had a few corn tortillas and cheese to BBQ some quesadillas as well. 

We also pulled out one of our wines we have been storing from out trip to Italy. A perfectly aged Chianti. The meal was delicious. We ate by candle light, plus Ryan’s headlamp and enjoyed having a lovely dinner conversation at the table.