My friend Jen and I love, and I mean love, Thai food. We are always looking for the best Pad See Ew, plus for the best bang for our buck. There is a local place called Jade Thai which is now under new ownership, plus added a Chinese menu as well. We figured, we enjoyed the last place, didn’t love it, but lets see what the new owners have up their sleeve. There is a BIG banner outside saying 10-20% off, but doesn’t say off what. The lunch menu looks perfect, but sadly it was dinner time.

We both went with our usual orders of Pad See Ew, Jen got super spicy like an 8 and I got a 3-4. We both got it with chicken too.

I give this dish a 6.5 out 10. The score dropped mostly due to the chicken. I think if I got it with shrimp or tofu, it would be an 8 or higher. One thing I really enjoyed was the little black beans mixed in the dish that took on more of a caper taste, than a bean. Huge portions too, which was exciting to have lunch for the next day. 

At the end of the meal we were giving a fortune cookie. To my surprise, I had two! I thought I was going to be given lots of fortunes, but when they were were exactly the same I laughed. At least it was a double wammy of the same good fortune.

Lastly, our bill arrived. We finally caught on to what the BIG banner refers to. If you pay cash, you get 20% off. If you pay by debit or credit you get 10%. Interesting concept. Not sure if I love it or not since I am a debit card kind of girl.

I do recommend coming to check out Jade Thai in Mission Valley/Mission Gorge. I know I will be going back to try out the lunch menu and the Chinese menu.